2019 Taiwan Talent Recruiting Mission to Thailand & Indonesia (10/20 - 10/26) - (Indonesia) 10/23 Sebelas Maret University (UNS Solo) - Job Fair - Company
No Company Name Industry Category Job Reservation Status
No:1 Company Name:PEGATRON Industry Category:Electrical & Electronic Components Job:1.Mechanical EngineeringRegistration Closed
No:2 Company Name:ACTi Corporation Industry Category:Integrated Application of Smart Systems Job:1.SM2271 國外業務(美國區) Sales Account Manager for USA Market
2.SM2425 國外業務 Sales Account Manager
3.SM2321 技術支援工程師 Field Application Engineer
Resume drop-off at venue
No:3 Company Name:HCP PUMP MANUFACTURER CO., LTD. Industry Category:Electrical & Electronic Components Job:1.Cadre On Reserve Training Program For Oversea BranchesRegistration Closed