2019 Taiwan Talent Recruiting Mission to Singapore&Malaysia (8/25 - 8/31) - (Singapore) 8/27 Nanyang Technological University (NTU) - Career Talk - Company
No Company Name Industry Category Job Reservation Status
No:1 Company Name:Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Industry Category:Semiconductor Job:1.Design/process co-optimization and R&D
2.Tech File/PDK Engineer or Custom Design Flow Development
3.SRAM Engineer
4.Memory Circuit Engineer
5.Physical Design (APR) Engineer
6.Fronend (logic) engineer
7.製程整合工程師 / Process Integration Engineer
Resume drop-off at venue
No:2 Company Name:Advantech Industry Category:Electrical & Electronic Components Job:1.Engineer Application
3.Sales Engineer (Key Account Sales)
4.Human Resources & Admin Executive
5.Inside Sales Engineer (Technical)
6.RMA Technician
7.Sales Engineer (Key Account Sales)
8.Application Engineer
9.Sr.Human Resource Executive/Assistant HR Manager
10.Sales Engineer/Inside Sales Engineer
Registration Closed
No:3 Company Name:ACTi Corporation Industry Category:Integrated Application of Smart Systems Job:1.SM2271 國外業務(美國區) Sales Account Manager for USA Market
2.SM2425 國外業務 Sales Account Manager
3.SM2321 技術支援工程師 Field Application Engineer
Resume drop-off at venue
No:4 Company Name:Delta Electronics, Inc. Industry Category:Electrical & Electronic Components Job:1.Senior Mechatronics Engineer (Singapore)
2.Senior Scientist Robotics (Singapore)
3.Senior/Research Engineer - Biomedical - Fluidics & Mechanics (Singapore)
4.Scientist (Sensing Communication) (Singapore)
5.Engineer (Sensing Communication) (Singapore)
6.Business Development Manager-IA (Singapore)
7.Sales Manager-ICT (Singapore)
8.Power Electronics Engineer-PS/EVS (Taiwan)
9.Procurement Specialist (Taiwan)
10.Product Specialist-EIS/PS (Taiwan)
11.Front-End Software Engineer-BA (Taiwan)
12.Java Software Engineer-BA (Taiwan)
13.Software Testing Engineer-BA (Taiwan)
14.Field Application Engineer-IA (Malaysia)
15.Business Development Manager-IA (Malaysia)
Registration Closed
No:5 Company Name:Realtek Industry Category:Semiconductor Job:1.Analog IC Design Engineer
2.Software Design Engineer
3.Digital IC Design Engineer
4.Design Verification Engineer
5.System Architecture Engineer
6.Algorithm Development Engineer
7.Physical Design / APR Engineer
Registration Closed
No:6 Company Name:Wafer Works Corporation Industry Category:Semiconductor Job:1.研發工程師/Engineer
2.業務工程師/Sales Engineer
3.Integration Engineer
Resume drop-off at venue
No:7 Company Name:HIWIN TECHNOLOGIES CORP Industry Category:Precision Machinery Job:1.Sales EngineerRegistration Closed
No:8 Company Name:ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. Industry Category:Electrical & Electronic Components Job:1.Speech Recognition Engineer
2.AI Computer Vision Engineer
3.Product Manager for AI and Cloud Software
4.UX/UI Designer
5.Industrial AIoT Solution Product Manager
6.Data Scientist
7.Machine Learning Software Engineer
8.Account Manager
9.Junior Legal Counsel
10.Regional Accounts & Tax Associate
11.Creative Product Designer
12.Natural Language Processing Engineer
Registration Closed
No:9 Company Name:Taishin International Bank Industry Category:Financial Services Job:1.法金客戶關係經理人助理(ARM)
3.儲備菁英/Management Associate
Registration Closed