2019 Taiwan Talent Recruitment Mission to Vietnam (9/24 - 9/28) - (Ho Chi Minh City) 9/27 Ton Duc Thang University - One-on-One Job Fair - Company
No Company Name Industry Category Job Reservation Status
No:1 Company Name:EIDSON GLOBAL CO., LTD. Industry Category:Others Job:1.Chemical Sales Engineer (HCMC, Vietnam)Kỹ Thuật Viên Phụ Trách Kinh Doanh Hóa Chất(TP. Hồ Chí Minh)Registration Closed
No:2 Company Name:Genmore Zipper Co., Ltd. Industry Category:Others Job:1.sales
Registration Closed
No:3 Company Name:Peimei Shinemound Enterprise, Inc Industry Category:Biotechnology & Medical Devices Job:Coming SoonRegistration Closed
No:4 Company Name:ENERCON Taiwan Ltd. Industry Category:Green Energy Job:1.【ENERCON VietnamLtd.】Service Electrical TechnicianResume drop-off at venue
No:5 Company Name:United Infinite Corp.Taiwan Branch Industry Category:Others Job:Coming SoonRegistration Closed
No:6 Company Name:Taiwan Hon Chuan Enterprise Co., Ltd. Industry Category:Others Job:1.Production Management Training
2.QA Management Training
3.Financial Management Training
4.Sales Representative
5.Sales Assistant
Registration Closed
No:7 Company Name:Taishin International Bank Industry Category:Financial Services Job:1.儲備菁英/Management Associate
2.會計人員/Accounting Officer
3.法遵人員/Compliance Officer
Registration Closed
No:8 Company Name:ACTi Corporation Industry Category:Integrated Application of Smart Systems Job:1.SM2425 國外業務 Sales Account Manager
2.SM2321 技術支援工程師 Field Application Engineer
Resume drop-off at venue
No:9 Company Name:NEW SHI FA FERTILIZER CO., LTD. Industry Category:High-end Agriculture Job:1.業務儲備幹部/Management Trainee in Sales Dept.Resume drop-off at venue
No:10 Company Name:CHENG SHIN RUBBER IND.CO.,LTD Industry Category:Others Job:1.電機設備維修工程師/Maintenance Engineer
2.機械設備維修工程師/Maintenance Engineer
3.公用設備維修工程師/Maintenance Engineer
4.品保人員/Quality Control Personnel
5.品管人員/Quality Control Personnel
6.品保工程師/Quality Assurance Engineer
7.配方工程師/Formulation Development Engineer
8.化學工程師/Chemical Engineer
9.檢驗工程師/Inspect Engineer
12.MES軟體工程師/MES Engineer
Registration Closed
No:11 Company Name:A & B Chemical Corporation Industry Category:Others Job:1.Sales Representative - Vietnam MarketRegistration Closed
No:12 Company Name:Universal Global Scientific Industrial Co., Ltd. Industry Category:ICT Job:Coming SoonResume drop-off at venue
No:13 Company Name:Symbio, Inc. Industry Category:Others Job:1.越籍儲備幹部 (越南平陽)/Vietnamese Management Trainee
2.財務培訓幹部 Đào tạo cán bộ(Tài chính kế toán )
3.研發 Nghiên cứu培訓幹部 Đào tạo cán bộ
4.品保 Kiểm tra chất lượng (QC)培訓幹部 Đào tạo cán bộ
5.製造 - Chế tạo培訓幹部 Đào tạo cán bộ
6.工務-Công vụ培訓幹部 Đào tạo cán bộ
7.加工配銷 -Gia công,tiêu thụ培訓幹部 Đào tạo cán bộ
Registration Closed
No:14 Company Name:ADVANCED INTERNATIONAL MULTITECH CO.,LTD Industry Category:Others Job:1.專案工程師/Customer Engineer (工作地:越南同奈省仁澤三工業區)
2.品質工程師/Quality Engineer (工作地:越南同奈省仁澤三工業區)
Registration Closed
No:15 Company Name: Aberdeen Decoration Co., Ltd Industry Category:Intelligent Green Building Job:1.Sales ManagerRegistration Closed
No:16 Company Name:Marketech International Corp. Industry Category:Semiconductor Job:1.工程師/deputy engineer
2.業務人員/Sales Representative
3.工程助理/Engineer Assistant
Registration Closed
No:17 Company Name:Datasystems Industry Category:ICT Job:1.儲備訓練顧問 / Reserve consultant
2.顧問師 / Consultant
Registration Closed
No:18 Company Name:Test Rite Group Industry Category:Others Job:1.QA-QC Assistant
2.Administrative Specialist
Registration Closed
No:19 Company Name:ECLAT TEXTILE CO.,LTD. Industry Category:Others Job:1.業務助理/Sales Assistant
2.紡織品設計/Fabrics designer
Registration Closed