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  • 日期:2021-05-01

Source: Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA
Last Updated on: 2019/09/30

I. Policy Initiatives

In July 2016, Taiwan implemented the Smart Machinery Industry Promotion Program in response to the massive changes to life and industries, as brought about by the IoT, 3D printing, AI, and robot technologies. Brief introduction of the key measures under the program is appended below.

1. Smart Machinery Promotion Office

This office is established with the main objective to help create a new ecosystem for Taiwan's smart machinery industry, using domestic precision machinery and ICT industries as a foundation, to help foster smart manufacturing applications in key industries.

2. Smart Manufacturing Pilot Production Site

This is a national proofing center that help develop the machining application service modules, to build the mixed-model smart manufacturing production lines for nine types of parts and components, by linking domestically produced high-end machining equipment with locally made digital production systems. This site serves as a local smart manufacturing planning center, showcasing the application of national machining Industry 4.0.

3. Smart Machinery Park

Some government departments have established the “Smart Machinery Park”, by expanding the hinterland of Taichung Fengzhou Technology Science-based Industrial Park, taken into consideration the industry characteristics, needs, and location of the industrial clusters (Figure 1). This park provides an option for manufacturers to build their factories and test sites.

Figure 1 Taichung Smart Machinery Park


II. An Overview of the Development of Machinery Industry

1. Production Value

In 2017, the machinery industry became Taiwan's third largest industry in terms of production value, only behind the semiconductor and the panel industries. The production value of Taiwan's machinery industry was about NT$1.18 trillion in 2018, recording an increase of 7.3% compared with the value in 2017. As a result of the global trend for industrial automation and the international demand of smart manufacturing, the production value of Taiwan's machinery industry is expected to reach NT$1.34 trillion in 2020 (see Figure 2).

Figure 2  Output value of Taiwan's machinery industry in 2016-2020

2. Industrial Clusters

According to the Statistics Department, Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), there is currently around 17,000 machinery companies in Taiwan, employing over 300,000 employees. Industrial clusters are formed in the northern, central, and southern Taiwan, fostering the establishment of many important companies. (see Figure 3).

(1)Northern Taiwan

The northern Taiwan industrial cluster, formed along the New Taipei City, Taoyuan, and Hsinchu areas, consists of companies producing precision sensing equipment, electronics and semiconductor production equipment, automated components and system integration, industrial computers, and controllers. Advantech is a representative company in this cluster. 

(2)Central Taiwan

Another industrial cluster has been formed in Taichung and Changhua, comprising companies which produce machine tools and their parts and components, ballscrews, linear guide, industrial machineries (carpentry, textiles, rubber and plastics machineries), smart robots, and automation components and system integration. Representative companies in this cluster include HIWIN, Victor Taichung, and the Fair Friend Group.

(3)Southern Taiwan

In Chiayi, Tainan, and Kaohsiung, industrial clusters have been developed comprising companies which produce machine tools and their parts and components, industrial machineries (bolt forming and processing machineries, rubber and plastic machineries), smart robots, controllers, and precision molds. Tongtai Machine & Tool is among the representative companies in this cluster.