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  • 日期:2018-01-31

Entrepreneur Visa initiatives have proven to be one of the most vital measures for attracting foreign talent to start businesses locally. Taiwan has launched the Entrepreneur Visa in order to attract foreign entrepreneurs to engage in Taiwan's startup ecosystem. The relevant planning is as follows.

(1) Eligibility:

  1. Individual Application (Meet one of the following criteria )
    • Applicant has received an investment of at least US$63,600 (NT$2million)from VCs or international crowdfunding platforms
    • Applicant currently operates a business at national startup clusters or incubators
    • Applicant holds Intellectual Property registered with national or international institutions
    • Applicant has won major startup or design competitions or has been nominated or awarded at major film festivals
    • Applicant has successfully received grants from Taiwan Government
    • Applicant has started an innovative enterprise government accredited with an investment of at least US$32,000(NT$1million), and should be the person in charge of that company
  2. Team Applicant (Up to 3 members)
    • If your company is registered in Taiwan:
      Applicants have started an innovative enterprise government accredited and its team members should be the persons in charge (directors, supervisors and managers), with a total investment of at least US$32,000(NT$1million)
    • If your company is not registered in Taiwan:
      Applicants need to meet either one of above 1st to 5th requirements applied by Individual

(2) Application & Information:

  1. Eligibility
  2. Foreign nationals (individuals and teams)
  3. Hong Kong and Macau residents (individuals and teams)

(3) Application process:

Selected applicants will be granted a 1 -year Entrepreneur Visa. Applicants who meet certain subsequent terms and conditions will be eligible for visa renewals.

Deregulations on Hiring

Visit our webpage on Regulatory environment improvement for a complete introduction of provisions governing hiring of foreign nationals.

InvesTaiwan Service Center

In order to provide more user-friendly investment services, the Ministry of Economic Affairs established the "InvesTaiwan Service Center" on August 8th, 2010. The InvesTaiwan Service Center offers a one-stop-service through projects as well as dedicated units and personnel. Combining the resources of the central ministries and local governments, joint efforts will be rendered to help domestic and foreign investors overcome obstacles faced when investing in Taiwan and assist vendors in completing investments

  1. Tel: +886-2-23892111, +886-2-23914950
  2. E-mail:service@invest.org.tw

More information: International Entrepreneur Initiative Taiwan (IEIT)