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  • 日期:2016-06-20

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To improve the quality of Taiwan's talent and its industrial competitiveness, the government has chosen ten key industries to promote as targets for foreign talent recruitment. These ten industries are: productivity 4.0, advanced manufacturing equipment, advanced electronics, integrated applications in smart systems, 5G and advanced communications, biomedicine and medical devices, renewable energy, innovative product design and user experience, innovation and advanced research and development, and international financial services.

Productivity 4.0

The government wants to make Taiwan a model of high productivity in the Asia-Pacific through Productivity 4.0.

Taiwan wants to catch up to advanced countries by exploring new production models.

Advanced Manufacturing Equipment

Thanks to Taiwan's strategic location in the Asia-Pacific region, it can utilize the great market demand and R&D talent of the region to become the region's key manufacturing equipment center.

By capitalizing on Taiwan's existing advantages, the country can develop and improve its semiconductor and optoelectronic production industries.

Advanced Electronics (IC Design, Manufacturing, Packaging and Testing)

Semiconductors form an important cornerstone for the growth and support of Taiwan's IC production industry. Proactive R&D is needed to maintain Taiwan's current position in the global semiconductor manufacturing industry.

Integrated Applications of Smart Systems (Big Data, IoT, and Cloud Computing)

This industry will develop innovative services and smart living solutions.

By completing Taiwan's cloud computing infrastructure, the country can attract international businesses to invest here in cloud computing facilities and services. This will help spur specialization within the industry and new cloud applications, gradually establishing a cloud computing industry ecosystem.

5G and Advanced Communications

The development policy for the 5G industry aims to control key intellectual property, boost added value, set standards for production technology, and push international industry standards. Taiwan is closely integrated into the international 5G development process, changing from an adopter of the previous standard to a participant and pioneer in the establishment of the 5G standard.

Biomedicine & Medical Devices

In order to develop the biotechnology industry, the government will focus on promotion in the healthcare industry, and agriculture sectors, facilitating industrial transformation while promoting public health and welfare and boosting international competitiveness.

Renewable Energy

The government seeks to come up with indigenous solutions to develop off-shore wind power, while increasing domestic demand for wind-generated power.

By integrating manufacturing, financial, and systems from related industries, this can make Taiwan one of the key global service providers for the solar power production industry.

Innovative Product Design and User Experience

Improving user experience can boost the value creation of certain Taiwan industries.

User experience is a core advantage of research and development, and helps spur the cultivation of talent and establishes a model for connections between industry and academia.

Innovation and Advanced R&D

This aims to improve the competitiveness of certain advanced systems. By developing unique key technologies and obtaining key intellectual property rights, boost development of new products and services.

International Financial Services

Taiwan aims to become a strong competitor in the global economy through its expansion into the Asia-Pacific market.

In response to the development of digital banking and international banking trends, the Financial Supervisory Commission is encouraging the banking sector to respond to technological trends and set up product R&D programs, cultivate financial talent, and develop diversified financial products and innovative services, which will help the banking industry develop and break into the Asia-Pacific market.