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  • 日期:2016-06-16

Taiwan's ICT industry has expanded from OEM manufacturer to a major player in global ICT market over recent decades. Taiwanese government meanwhile had amended relevant regulations limiting private investment and offered incentives to boost capital investment in ICT. Modern science-based industrial parks provided facilities for large expansions in ICT manufacturing. While ICT practices innovation in modern technologies and design, the OEM/ODM business enabled Taiwan to transform itself into a provider of integrated services such as Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS) and Component Module Move Service (CMMS).

Up to now, Taiwan foundry services, such as LCD panel, notebook PC, WLAN, networking access equipment, motherboard, and digital camera are named as the global No.1 supplier. Taiwanese contract manufactured products still accounted for a majority share of the global ICT market. Furthermore, over 6 products were being rated world's number one in terms of shipment volume; the combined share of notebook PC, motherboard, and LCD monitor accounted for over 60% of the global ICT market.

Product Category Worldwide Market Share
Worldwide leading ICT products Made by Taiwan
Cable CPE 97.0%
WLAN NIC 88.0%
VoIP CPE 86.0%
Server 85.9%
Motherboard 85.0%
Notebook PC 84.9%
LCD Monitor 66.5%
DSL CPE 60.0%
IP Phone 59.0%
Desktop PC 50.3%
Tablet Device 38.9%

Source: MIC, 2015

ICT industry percentage in terms of contribution to Taiwan's GDP

ICT industry percentage in terms of contribution to Taiwan GDP
Source: DGBAS, Taiwan

Taiwan has become a leading ICT manufacturer as a result of industrial Cluster’s effect. Taiwan has emulated Silicon Valley in California in its development of an ICT industry by taking the initiative to establish a high-tech industrial park. Hsinchu Science-Based Industrial Park was the first silicon industry cluster which has become a high-tech hub for Taiwan semiconductor industry. This high-tech industrial park initially attracted semiconductor foundries such as TSMC and UMC, and DRAM manufacturers including PSC and ProMOS. Fabless semiconductor companies such as MediaTek, Novatek, Faraday, etc.