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  • 日期:2021-07-30

Eslite Bookstore

Open 24 hours a day and offering a huge range of newly-published books, Eslite Bookstore's Dunnan Branch is a unique part of Taipei's cultural landscape and attracts throngs of tourists. It has also been the subject of in-depth reports by the domestic and foreign media, including Britain's BBC, France's Fifth Channel, and Japan's Fuji TV. Perhaps as a result of this media coverage, vast numbers of Taipei tourists make a pilgrimage to the Eslite Bookstore Dunnan Branch.

The bookstore contains approximately 230,000 books of many genres in both Chinese and foreign languages. The bookstore's various floors also house artistic and cultural activities, intriguing stationary, popular music, fashion items, cultural creativity design products, and a food court with thematic restaurants and publications. As a result, this is not exclusively a bookstore, but is rather a fascinating, wildly-diverse platform for cultural creativity and cultural undertakings. Dubbed "Asia's best bookstore" by TIME Magazine, the Eslite Bookstore Dunnan Branch is an inconspicuous resident of an office tower by day, but becomes a gleaming pearl in Taipei's Eastern District by night. We recommend you pay a visit to the bookstore at night to truly appreciate its wonderful feast of knowledge!

Website: Eslite Bookstore

Kingstone Culture Square

In 1998, Kingstone began organizing its franchise business. Drawing on its experience with opening chain stores, Kingstone provides tools and consulting services for those interested entrepreneurs willing to open franchise stores. The first franchise store opened in May 1999. Through this program, Kingstone hopes to entice more people with a passion for books to ultimately create a society of readers.

Books and Magazines are the most important products at Kingstone. Kingstone features more than 3,000 new titles every month and 600,000 books in print, including select foreign language publications. In addition to books, Kingstone sells stationery, greeting cards, multimedia products, and gift items.

Website: Kingstone Culture Square(Chinese Only)

Artland Bookstore

Artland Book Company is a well-known Taipei bookstore that began selling imported books on art and culture in 1985. Established next to National Taiwan Normal University in 1989, Artland expanded with the opening of a branch on Chongqing S. Rd. in 1994. Between its convenient location, artistic ambiance, and impressive selection of untranslated art books, Artland has become a favorite haunt for the artistically inclined. On its shelves, one can find titles on architecture, performing arts, costume design, photography, industrial design, crafts, graphic design and just about any other artistic genre.

Website: Artland Bookstore Blog (Chinese only)