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Why Taiwan


  • 日期:2021-07-30

Taiwan bestrides the tropical and subtropical zones, providing a highly diversified ecological environment. Almost 60% of the island is covered by forests, and 62% of the forests remain in primeval condition with rich plant and animal resources.

Culture & Heritage

During Taiwan's long history, prehistoric people, indigenous tribes, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese, and Han Chinese have successively populated Taiwan, creating a varied culture and developing different local customs and traditions along the way. When visiting Taiwan, you will be able to come in touch with all aspects of this beautiful country's multifaceted cultures.

Because of its unique historical and geographical background, Taiwan has a rich and varied culture composed of elements taken from many different ethnic groups, including the indigenous peoples, the Dutch, the Spanish, the Japanese, the Han Chinese (bringing traditions from China and creating their own in Taiwan), as well as more recently the Americans. Consequently, the customs and traditions that make up Taiwan's culture as we know it today are extremely vivid and mix different cultures. And not only that, the people who previously inhabited Taiwan also left many cultural remnants that can still be found around the island today, including traditional architecture, relics of prehistoric civilizations, folk art, and traditions.

Taiwan's history goes as far back as two, three, even tens of thousands of years. According to archeologists, prehistoric people were the first to have lived in Taiwan, proof of which can be found in archaeological digs and sites in Taitung and elsewhere.

For more information, please visit: Culture and Heritage in Tourism Bureau, Republic of China (Taiwan).

Hot Springs

Hot springs are formed by natural waters that emerge from the bowels of the earth and are said to possess therapeutic properties that have a positive effect on disorders of the nervous and digestive systems, the circulation, and the organs. People have used hot springs to keep in good health for ages. In Taiwan, with its peculiar crustal structure and location on the fault line where the Euro-Asian and Philippine continental plates meet in the Circum-Pacific seismic zone, subterranean heat is spread across the island, producing hot springs island-wide. With few exceptions, hot springs can be found in every city and county in Taiwan, so it is easy to see why Taiwan is known to some as the "Hot Spring Kingdom".

More than one hundred hot springs have been discovered in Taiwan, located in different geological areas including plains, mountains, valleys, and oceans. The highest concentration of hot springs can be found in northern Taiwan, where the Datun (Tatun) Volcano is located, while the largest number of hot springs is found along both sides of the central mountain range, covering an area from Yilan to Pingtung. Hot springs found in this region account for more than 80% of all hot springs in Taiwan.

For more information, please visit: Hot Springs in Tourism Bureau, Republic of China (Taiwan).

Offshore Islands

Taiwan is located along the southeast coast of the Asian continent, on the fault line where the Euro-Asian and Philippine continental plates meet. This unique geographic location and frequent seismic activity not only created an extremely diversified topography and natural environment on Taiwan, but also resulted in the diverse characters of its offshore islands. The main offshore islands include Penghu, Ludao (Green Island), Lanyu (Orchid Island), Kinmen, Matzu, Turtle Island, and Little Liuqiu. As their locations, topographical characteristics, and human activities differ, each has its own unique scenery and culture. Therefore, each island offers something different to satisfy the various needs of different visitors, such as sightseeing, snorkeling, or sport fishing.

For more information, please visit: Offshore Islands in Tourism Bureau, Republic of China (Taiwan).


With LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) becoming popular throughout the world, Taiwan offers an endless number of ways to stay healthy, with an Oriental flair and a uniquely Taiwanese character. Come to Taiwan and experience "LOHAS" the Taiwanese way, in the island's cuisines, sports, leisure activities, and traditional health care therapies.

In Taiwan, you can give your taste buds a treat and stay healthy at the same time by enjoying your fill of medicinal foods and organic cuisine. If you are anxious to achieve a physical and mental balance, then you might try yoga, Zen meditation, martial arts, or Tai Chi to bring you tranquility the Oriental way. If you just want to relax a bit during your trip, then a visit to one of Taiwan's popular spas, a soak in a hot spring bath, or a soothing cup of traditional tea might be just the thing for you. If you want to experience Chinese medical treatments that are receiving ever more attention around the world, then Taiwan will provide you with a health and travel environment of the highest quality.

For more information, please visit: LOHAS in Tourism Bureau, Republic of China (Taiwan).