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Why Taiwan


  • 日期:2021-07-22

Education System in Taiwan

Taiwan maintains a national 12-year basic education system. After this, there are 5-year and 2-year programs at the college level. In general, degree programs at universities and independent colleges last 4 years, but dental studies last 6 to 7 years. Graduate degree programs last at least a year, and doctoral degrees take at least 2 years to complete. The age of study is not specifically regulated. The Ministry of Education in Taiwan encourages all universities and research centers to cultivate international talents, enhance research and innovation quality, engage in industrial-academic cooperation, and cultivate outstanding interdisciplinary talents.

Foreign talents are advised to acquire the latest information regarding children’s studies in Taiwan through the overseas offices of the Ministry of Education. For Hong Kong or Macau citizens who are employed to work in Taiwan, the regulations for alien children shall be applied mutatis mutandis to their children.

Education Institutions for International Residents

Most children of foreign professional talents in Taiwan attend overseas compatriot schools. According to the statistics of the Ministry of Education, there are a total of 22 overseas compatriot schools in Taiwan, including 16 American schools, 1 Taipei European school, 3 Japanese schools, and 2 Korean schools.

For the latest contact information, telephone numbers, and addresses of overseas compatriot schools, please visit “information regarding international student application” on the Department of International and Cross-Strait Education, MOE website, or download the table of overseas compatriot schools (PDF) directly.

Additionally, to ensure proper educational opportunities for the children of foreign nationals working in science parks, there is a National Experimental High School at Hsinchu Science Park, a National Experimental High School at Central Science Park, and a National Experimental High School at Southern Science Park. These were established with bilingual departments for foreign students. Applications for admission to these schools are subject to the provisions of the “Regulation Governing the Admission of Students to Bilingual Departments of Schools or Bilingual Schools at Senior Secondary Level or Below in Science Parks.”

Since the implementation of talent recruitment laws, in order to build up a strong educational environment for children of foreign professionals, the Ministry of Education has established the “education resources platform for children of foreign professionals recruited and employed.” This provides children of foreign professionals with information regarding studying in Taiwan. The following consultation hotlines are available:

  • Education resources platform for children of foreign professionals recruited and employed: +886-6-505-3168
  • Consultation lines for employment gold cardholders: +886-2-7736-7980 and +886-2-7736-7981
  • Consultation email for employment gold cardholders: k12ea@mail.moe.gov.tw


Studying Chinese in Taiwan

Learning Chinese in Taiwan may help one discover the beauty of traditional Chinese characters and the elegance of words used in traditional Chinese culture. It will also assist in communications exchanges with classmates and other people. When working in Taiwan or other Chinese areas, learning Chinese may also help one gain occupational competitiveness.

For information regarding Chinese language study, please visit the Chinese language section of the Department of International and Cross-Strait Education, MOE website, or study at the language centers affiliated to universities:


Scholarship Applications

International students may apply for the Taiwan Scholarship of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or for the Chinese Scholarship. For more information, please refer to the Taiwan Scholarship and Financial Aid Protocol:

(1) Taiwan Scholarship of Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

To encourage students from Taiwan’s diplomatic allies to study in Taiwan, thus enhancing exchange and friendship, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs administers the Taiwan Scholarship program. Financial assistance includes a scholarship of NT$25,000 per month during the advanced Chinese study period (up to one year); a scholarship of NT$30,000 per month during the pursuit of a degree (university: four years; graduate school: two years; doctoral program: four years); and one ticket for an economy class flight with the most direct route to and from Taiwan.

(2) Chinese Scholarship of MOE:

The purpose of this scholarship is to provide opportunities for students and people from Taiwan’s diplomatic allies to study Chinese and learn about Taiwanese culture, this enhancing exchange, understanding, and friendship with other countries. Financial assistance items: a scholarship of NT$25,000 per month. Reward period: This scholarship is available to persons attending classes of 2 months (summer), 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, or one year. In addition to the summer class, the reward period shall in principle be from September 1 this year to August 31 next year.


Access to information regarding study in Taiwan

For applications to study in Taiwan, please visit the Study in Taiwan website to acquire the latest study and scholarship information.