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Why Taiwan


  • 日期:2021-07-30

Travelers arriving at or departing from the airport have a variety of transport options, such as the Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) and bus transportation. Travelers can also take a taxi, hotel shuttle bus, or limousine directly to their destinations.


Taiwan has four international airports: Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, Kaohsiung International Airport, Taipei International (Songshan) Airport and Taichung Airport. Each offers convenient direct links to all countries.

Taiwan's domestic airlines industry is also quite active with busy routes serving major cities; flying is almost as common as taking long-distance buses, and flights are always fully booked during holidays. As a result, prior reservations are advised. Most travel agencies handle reservations and ticketing on behalf of airlines.

Personal identification is required when checking in for flights. (ID for Taiwan citizens, passports for foreigners.)

Domestic Airports:

For more information, please visit: Tourism Bureau, MOTC, R.O.C.

Taiwan High Speed Rail

With the opening of the Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR), visitors can now easily take a day trip between Kaohsiung and Taipei. There are currently 12 stations on the THSR line down Taiwan's western corridor: Nangang, Taipei, Banqiao, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Miaoli, Taichung, Changhua, Yunlin, Chiayi, Tainan, and Zuoying (Kaohsiung).

Tickets can be purchased over the phone or online. Click on the following links for THRS Timetable & Fare Search and Reservations.


  • Taipei Metro

    The mass rapid transit system (MRT) in Taipei, together with the metropolitan area's dedicated bus route network, forms a convenient transportation system. The MRT lines are dotted with a variety of attractions and scenic spots, allowing visitors to take a leisurely journey through some of the most attractive parts of Taipei.

    The MRT lines are dotted with a variety of attractions and scenic spots, allowing visitors to take a leisurely journey through some of the most attractive parts of Taipei.

    These lines are dotted with a variety of attractions and scenic spots, allowing visitors to take a leisurely journey through some of the most attractive parts of Taipei.

    Automated ticketing machines can be found in all MRT stations. Single-journey ticket prices range from NT$20 to NT$65 depending on travel distance. A NT$150 one-day pass purchased from a service booth allows unlimited travels on all MRT lines within one day.

  • Kaohsiung Rapid Transit System

    A single-journey ticket costs NT$20 to NT$60 depending on travel distance. The KRTC also offers one-day passes, stored-value tickets, and group tickets.

Intercity Buses

Taiwan's long-distance highway transportation services are operated by private transportation companies: Kuo-Kuang Bus Corp., UBus, Free Go Bus Corp., and Aloha Bus, among others. They carry passengers on major highways and freeways.

Some bus companies provide 24-hour service, plus offer lower ticket fares than airplanes and trains, and are some of the most popular transportation service providers. However, for safety reasons, travelers are warned not to take illegal highway buses operated by companies without licenses.

Several bus companies provide daily transportation services between Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport and major cities.

The Taiwan Tourist Shuttle service is designed for convenient travel between train and high speed rail stations and major tourist attractions. It is an excellent option for people without a car.

Car Rentals

Visitors with international driving licenses may drive a car in Taiwan. However, for those who are not familiar with local road conditions, it is recommended to rent a car with a driver. Cars can be rented at service counters in major airports, train stations, and downtown locations. Some international hotels also provide car rental services, which are convenient for visitors who just need an airport pick-up or a journey of a few hours.

Some car rental companies allow customers to return cars at more than one location, with an additional service fee. Most car rental companies offer favorable rental packages, but most rental fees do not include insurance, so be sure that you understand a company's policies before renting.

In Taiwan, cars drive on the right. Drivers and passengers in both the front and rear seats must wear seatbelts. Visitors who rent cars are advised to familiarize themselves with Taiwan's driving regulations and sometimes chaotic driving habits.

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A large number of taxis are available in most major cities. Taxi fares in all major cities are set by the local city government, and there are few variations. The meter may not be used for out-of-town or long-distance travel; travelers are advised to confirm the fare calculation method before getting in a taxi.

Marine Transport

Sea travel between Taiwan and its offshore islets is convenient; please see the schedule below for route information. Schedules can vary due to weather concerns and passengers capacity limitations. Please reconfirm the schedule by phone before finalizing your travel plans if the ferry is your primary choice of transportation.

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