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Why Taiwan


  • 日期:2021-01-30

Taiwan has one of the world's best national health insurance systems. The nation has gained an excellent international reputation for its state-of-the-art medical

  • 2014: CNN hails Taiwan's medical achievements

"Taiwan provides prompt and high-quality medical services for an affordable cost. For example, the total fee of coronary artery bypass graft surgery (CABG) in Taiwan is only one-fifth of that in the United States, and the expense of knee/ hip joint replacement is 40% cheaper than in Singapore and Thailand. Taiwan indeed provides high-quality healthcare at very competitive prices compared to other countries in the world" -Dr. Wu, CEO of Taiwan Task Force For Medical Travel (TTFMT).

From preventative health examinations to surgical treatment and recovery, Taiwan provides integrated and comprehensive healthcare systems to serve every patient's needs. Also, Taiwan's hospitals have made many remarkable achievements in many specialties, including in liver transplants, cardiovascular surgery, craniofacial reconstruction, joint replacement, artificial reproduction, and more.

Taiwan's excellent healthcare system owes its success to six main strengths: high quality, technology and innovation, patient-oriented service, leading physicians, comprehensive specialties, and affordability.

For more information, please visit: Ministry of Health and Welfare or Taiwan Healthcare.

Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine is a popular alternative for health care. The long-standing and well-established Chinese practice is both effective and widespread. In Taiwan, there are 5,970 licensed practitioners; 3,548 Chinese medicine clinics, pharmacies and hospitals; 96 GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) pharmaceutical companies; and 18 Chinese medicines clinical trial centers.

For more information, please visit: Ministry of Health and Welfare