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  • 日期:2020-08-07

Here’s your great opportunity to meet leading Taiwanese companies and research institutions at the 2020 Contact TAIWAN Virtual Career Fair held from Sept. 28-29, 2020 (GMT-7). View the complete list of participating companies and FAQ by clicking https://www.ContactTAIWAN.tw/event/SFVCFAIR


What to expect at this event?

Contact TAIWAN is a national networking platform that seeks talented professionals worldwide to work in Taiwan. You will be able to meet and online interview with Taiwanese enterprises from a wide range of industries interested in recruiting talents from San Francisco and Vancouver. A variety of job opportunities are offered, including in engineering, sales, marketing, finance, PR and the manufacturing departments.


How To Register Online? 3 Steps: 

  1. Sign up at Contact TAIWAN website member  (Membership Online Registration SOP)
  2. View the list of participating companies & job vacancies (https://www.ContactTAIWAN.tw/event/SFVCFAIR)
  3. Register an interview by click: Event > Talent Recruitment Mission > Online Registration> (Remember to click the QR CODE to upload your resume!) >Choose Event Date  (Event Online Registration SOP) or go to https://www.ContactTAIWAN.tw/event/2020SFVC


Deadlines for uploading resume:

  • For online 1-on-1 meetings: closes at 20:00, Sept. 22, 2020 (Pacific Standard Time)
  • For offline companies /Opening jobs (we will pass the resumes to HR): closes at 20:00, Sept. 28, 2020 (Pacific Standard Time)



  • The online 1-on-1 meetings instructions and your interview schedule will be send to your email before 3 days of the event
  • Please follow the interview instructions and get ready to make a change for good!
  • How to enter the online interview room? 4 Steps by using Microsoft Teams meeting room:

COVID-19 Related: 

  • From June 29, 2020, foreign nationals (include US/Canada passort holders) who hold Taiwan's working visa are welcomed to apply for entry into TaiwanUpon entering Taiwan, all foreign nationals without resident permits (Alien Resident Certificate) must present an English-language certificate of a negative COVID-19 test taken within three days of boarding the flight to Taiwan and undergo a 14-day home quarantine period.  MORE INFO
  • Quarantine Hotels information: Each county/city has the hotel list. For Taipei city, there are currently 57 Quarantine Hotels in total(NT2000~4500/day), check here
  • From June 19, 2020, the scope of compensation(NT$1000/day) for quarantine period do not apply to foreigners without Alien Resident Certificate(A.R.C should apply after entering Taiwan). We recommend you to negotiate with your Taiwan employer. click here 
  • For the latest updates on Taiwan’s COVID-19 cases and entry requirements, please monitor the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control website and the Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs Bureau of Consular Affairs website or COVID-19 business Map by Taitra .


Working in Taiwan: 

  • What's the maximum length of time for a work permit that may be applied  for a foreigner hired to work in Taiwan? The maximum length of time for each work permit is 3 years for a foreign professional, which may be extended by application at the end of the employment period; there is no limit to the number of extensions. 

  • Who should apply for a work permit? Employers may apply for a work permit in person, or authorize a private employment service agency to apply for with a letter of power of authorization. 

  • Visa and work permits
  • EZ Work Taiwan
  • Labor Standards Act


Living in Taiwan: 



San Francisco office


Taiwan Trade Center, San Francisco

Tel: 408-988-5018

Email: office@taiwantradesf.org 

Vancouver office

Taiwan Trade Center, Vancouver

Tel: 604-681-2787

Email: vancouver@taitra.org.tw

Taipei office

Taiwan External Trade Development Council

​Email: abbie151@taitra.org.tw

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