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  • 日期:2020-07-30







    泓格科技擁用的尖端技術,來自於每年投入巨額的研發經費與先進的研發團隊,目前研發團隊人數已逾百人。為持續擴充研發能量,近期廣召多位軟體、硬體、韌體研發工程師,分別派駐新竹總部、新店、板橋及高雄等辦事處。以上職缺不限國籍,歡迎具相關研發專長且英文精通之人才主動至Contact TAIWAN網站線上應徵。


ICP DAS Recruits Software, Hardware, and Firmware R&D Engineers

    ICP DAS was established in 1993 and officially listed on the OTC in January 2009. It is a technology company focusing on research and innovation in the field of industrial automation. It has been committed to developing embedded software and hardware, industrial Ethernet, and various I/O monitoring modules, machine motion control and man-machine interface software, and other core technologies. Its products cover software to hardware, and the company provides complete industrial automation solutions and perfect after-sales service.

    ICP DAS establishes its headquarter in Hsinchu and has offices in Xindian, Banqiao, Taichung, and Kaohsiung. The company also has overseas offices in China, the United States, Germany. The company has distributors in more than 30 countries. The products of ICP DAS are widely used at home and abroad. The products meet environmental protection requirements, energy-saving, and management information systems. ICP DAS provides total solutions for the fields of industrial control, real-time information, earthquake and hydrological warning, power monitoring, and electronic games. 

    The cutting-edge technology owned by ICP DAS comes from the enormous annual investment in R&D funds and an excellent R&D team. The current R&D team has more than 100 people. To continue expanding its R &D capacity, ICP DAS recently plans to recruit several engineers with software, hardware, and firmware R & D backgrounds. The recruited persons will base in Hsinchu headquarters or Xindian, Banqiao, and Kaohsiung offices. The above vacancies are not limited to nationalities. Talents with relevant R&D expertise and proficient English are welcome to apply online on the Contact TAIWAN website

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