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  • 日期:2020-07-29








        我們也很開心邀請到來自文化大學越南校友潘晉發為學弟妹分享,他除了介紹臺灣職場最常使用中文與英文作為溝通語言,強烈建議僑外生能夠增進自身的中文能力;臺灣是很適合專業人才就業的環境,因為生活花費較低,但專業領域薪水較高;更提到臺灣公共衛生與健康保險制度完善,在臺灣生活、就業感到非常放心。也建議學弟妹要確認自身的就職優勢,例如求學時間研究結果、相關領域成果或證書(都可成為評點制加分項目);若是有明確目標,在臺灣找工作其實相對容易。在求職時也建議僑外生能夠自製履歷,並且善用Contact TAIWAN攬才媒合平臺,這樣會大大提升求職機會。


The Lecture of the Workshop for International Students: How to Double Your Employment Competitiveness


This issue of Contact TAIWAN newsletter takes everyone to take a closer look at the speech given by the CEO of Shang-Yi International, Lin Jia-Hong (Win), with international students in June. The topic was "How to Double Your Employment Competitiveness." In the beginning, Win quoted Warren Buffett's famous saying, "The risk is that you don't know what you are doing, and the price is what you pay, and the value is what you get." He wanted to inspire students who had been affected by the global epidemic. Win mentioned that the world-famous brands such as Zara and Starbucks had closed many branches. Entrepreneurship and employment are the same because if you do not know what you are doing, then risk will come to you.


In fact, after graduation, besides looking for a job as an employee of others, if you set your ambitions, you can also bravely pursue your dreams and be your boss by starting a business. The entrepreneur visa is one of the strategies for international students to realize their dreams. Regardless of entrepreneurship or employment, in the process, you must have three abilities to succeed: insight, influence, and learning ability. More importantly, the learning ability is the element to be successful in entrepreneurship. Finally, Win encouraged the students to break the framework and not set limits for themselves. Students should read more books, news clippings, management reviews, and original books. They should also participate in social activities and enjoy life better. By cultivating their styles, they will open a window to their infinite possibilities.


The Contact TAIWAN team was also delighted to invite Phan Tan Phat, a Chinese Culture University alumnus from Vietnam, to share his experiences. He mentioned that the most commonly used languages in the workplace for communications in Taiwan are Chinese and English. Therefore he strongly recommended that international students should improve their Chinese skills. Pan also mentioned that Taiwan is very suitable for international students because Taiwan's living expenses are relatively low. However, the salaries in professional fields are relatively high. Pan also mentioned that Taiwan's public health and health insurance systems are perfect, and he feels very at ease living and working in Taiwan. He recommended that younger students confirm their employment advantages such as research results during studying time, achievements in related fields, or certificates (all can be counted as points-based items). If an international student has clear goals, it is relatively easy to find a job in Taiwan. When applying for a job, it is highly recommended that international students can make their resumes and utilize LinkedIn smartly, which will significantly enhance their job-search opportunities.

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