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  • 日期:2020-07-07




    因應國外市場業務開發需求,富強鑫集團臺南總部召募精通西語的外籍人才擔任國外業務專員;針對新南向市場,召募可派駐於越南及泰國且精通當地語言的業務專員,以上人員皆需同時具備中文能力。上述職缺已刊登於Contact TAIWAN,富強鑫亦將參加本(2020)年11月13日臺南場僑外生媒合會,歡迎條件符合之外籍人才踴躍主動應徵。

< FCS Group Recruits Talents Who Can Speak Spanish, Vietnamese or Thai >
    Founded in 1974, FCS Group is the largest professional manufacturer of plastic injection molding machines in Taiwan. FCS mainly engages in the R&D, production, and sales of various hydraulic tools and injection devices. In 1991, FCS set its global operation headquarters in Guanmiao, Tainan, to cope with the expansion of the business. In 2004, it was officially listed in Taiwan and became the first and only listed company in the industry.
    FCS products are sold all over the world. In addition to its manufacturing plants in Taiwan, Dongguan, and Ningbo of mainland China, it also has 40 agents worldwide and is an international enterprise. The main customers of FCS Group come from the industries of hardware, photoelectric, mobile phone manufacturing, connectors, LCD, and auto parts, etc. Its representative domestic customers include Foxconn, BenQ-AUO, Chimei, Tong Yang, Tayih G, and Tsannkuen, etc. Its foreign customers include Flextronics, Tata Motors, BYD, and the China Great Wall Group, etc.
    In response to business development needs in foreign markets, FCS Group Tainan headquarters recruits talents who are proficient in Spanish. For the new southbound market, FCS also plans to hire business specialists who can be stationed in Vietnam and Thailand and are skilled in local languages. The jobs listed above require the Chinese language skill. FCS group has published the above vacancies on Contact TAIWAN, and it will also participate in the Job Fair in Tainan on November 13th. International students who meet the conditions above are welcome to apply. FCS group cares about the development of employees and provides a pleasant environment and on-the-job training. FCS welcomes excellent talents to join the group.