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  • 日期:2020-06-16


崇越創立於1981年,主要業務係代理銷售臺灣及日本信越化學工業株式會社所生產的矽利光 (silicone)產品,透過與日本信越化學的市場情報交流與合作,將應用範圍原已十分廣泛的矽利光產品朝向更先進的發展,由汽車、紡織、電子通訊、到高科技產業,矽利光的發展與人類生活關係密不可分。


因應新南向市場發展的需要,目前崇越將針對菲律賓、印度市場召募多位業務人才。條件方面需熟悉中文,負責販售與推廣公司所代理的各項產品以及維護客戶關係,於臺灣受訓完成後派駐於菲律賓及印度。歡迎主動積極的菲律賓籍及印度籍人才(僑生尤佳)加入崇越集團的行列!以上職缺已刊登在Contact TAIWAN,有興趣人才請踴躍上網主動應徵。


<TOPCO Group Welcomes International Students from the Philippines and India to Join It>

TCO Group was established in 1981. Its main business is selling the silicone products produced by Taiwan and Japan's Shin-Etsu Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Through the exchange of market information and cooperation with Shin-Etsu Japan, the scope of application of silicone has been very wide and has upgraded to more advanced fields such as automobiles, textiles, electronic communications, and high-tech industries. Silicone's development inextricably links to human life.

Since 1992, TOPCO has actively expanded in the Greater China market and has established subsidiaries in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. In 2015, it also officially established TOPCO Indonesia and TOPCO Vietnam. Besides having a high market share in Greater China, TOPCO also eagerly recruits excellent talents and strengthens the education and training of the professional abilities of the employees in various fields. TOPCO aims at establishing its international competitiveness to build a stable and solid foundation of the corporation.

In response to the development of the new Southbound market, TOPCO will recruit several business talents for the Philippines and India. The qualified candidates are required to be familiar with Chinese, responsible for selling and promoting various products represented by the company, and maintaining customer relationships. After training in Taiwan, the talents will station in the Philippines and India. TOPCO welcomes proactive Filipino and Indian nationals (International students are preferred) to join it. TOPCO has published the above vacancies on the website of Contact TAIWAN. For those who are interested, please actively apply online.

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