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  • 日期:2020-06-16


上一期電子報提到了在經濟部投資業務處的指導下,Contact TAIWAN於5月22日下午辦理首場「2020年僑外生求職加油補給站暨校友回娘家視訊分享會」。除勞動部、移民署提供在臺求職就業相關資訊,寰宇軒行鄭匡宇總經理與同學分享「如何行銷自己-提升面試競爭力」之外;更邀請到國立中興大學及淡江大學的2位優秀僑外生校友,分享在臺求職經驗及職場文化等。


有同學提問如果未來想找的工作跟自己所學專業不符怎麼辦? Nindy透過自己的案例分享,她表示,在面試時,自信表現出自己,雖然大學專業並非相關背景,但是肯接受挑戰,加上善於溝通,讓她獲得老闆賞識,在職場中不斷累積自己的實力。最後她也祝福有意留在臺灣求職工作的學弟妹,面對評點制不要害怕,拿出自信面對,善用各方資源尋求適合的機會,希望大家前程似錦,一起在臺灣打拼。


The Online Workshop for International Students Invited Indonesian Alumnus Nindy to Share Her Job-search Experience in Taiwan


The last newsletter mentioned that under the Investment Business Division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs guidance, Contact TAIWAN held the first 2020 International Students Job Search and Alumni Sharing Workshop on May 22. Besides the information provided by the Ministry of Labor and the Immigration Department, Cheng Kuang-Yu, the CEO of Run Universe, also shared his viewpoints about <How to Sell Yourself in An Interviews>. Two excellent alumni from National Chung Hsing University and Tamkang University joined to share their job search experience and the workplace culture in Taiwan.


Nindy, an alumnus from the Department of Horticulture of National Chung Hsing University, came to Taiwan from Indonesia when she was 12 years old. She worked in Taiwan as a marketing specialist for maternal and infant products, a business manager for machinery sales overseas, and an agent for European consumer goods brands at different times. Her job-search goal is to find a job that sends her back to Indonesia. Based on her own experience of studying and finding a job, Nindy encourages the new graduates not to be afraid of interviews or give up interview opportunities. Moreover, do not continue to study at schools simply because of the fear of working in society. Although many job vacancies require work experience, you may find that the company is willing to train new people if you still go to the interview. Therefore, do not give up the interview opportunities.


Some students asked what if the jobs they wanted to find did not match their majors. Nindy took her own story as an example and said that, during her interview, she expressed herself confidently. Although her major was not related to the job she applied, she was willing to accept the challenge. She also mentioned that she was good at communications, and therefore she was appreciated by her boss. She got the job and continued to accumulate her ability in the workplace. She also encouraged international graduates to stay in Taiwan for job searches and not be afraid of the evaluation system. Having confidence and making good use of all resources, everyone can find suitable opportunities and have a bright future in Taiwan.


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